Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 Months Post Surgery

So... I'm 7 months out from the double calcan... Bah! I'll never spell it right anyway, let's just call it a major ankle reconstruction. Any way, I'm still having quite a bit of pain in the area of the broken screw/bone graft site.  The X-Rays yesterday show a spur forming over the graft site that could be impinging tendons causing the continued pain.  If I'm no better pain wise in 4 weeks, I go for a CT scan to see exactly what's going on with the bone.  If it's just the spur, then it's a quick out patient surgery with a short 2 week recovery.  If it's a spur plus the graft isn't healing, then it's another major surgery with the addition of a plate and screws to stabilize the graft site.  Whee!

Here's a gallery of the healing process.  Not for the squeamish.