Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rise of the Runelords - Session 2

Yes, I know, Session 2. No, don't go looking for Session 1, it's not here. We missed that session and had to be played by one of the other group members.

Setting: Sandpoint

As the sun began to rise on the first day of Autumn, Garrick completed an extra hour of meditation to commemorate the passing of Summer into Fall. With Odo at his side, he nervously made his way to the Rusty Dragon inside the gates of Sandpoint to meet the rest of his friends for the Swallowtail festival. Odo chafed under the ridiculous harness that the town guard had insisted he wear. Just because he's a tiger is no reason to treat him like an animal.

Garrick's nervousness grew the further into town they went as more and more people crowded around hi. He longed for the solitude of the woodlands and loathed the press of people urban areas brought with them. The old fears began welling up inside of him and he fought to keep them under control.

When Sapphire sauntered out of the door of the Rusty Dragon, his spirits lifted. The lithe movement of her body bringing a bit of color to his cheeks as memories of last night flooded back in. She twirled a dagger expertly around her fingers. Camus and Ocirus followed her out of the door. Ocirus' boyish face freshly washed and his hair expertly coiffed. Camus, too, had taken the time to primp this morning with not a wrinkle showing in his cleric's robes. Lastly came Astra, her new breastplate polished to perfection.

The party made their way to the cathedral where a large crowd was already beginning to gather for the days festivities. Garrick and Odo remained at the far outside edge of the gathering under a copse of trees while the rest of the party received orders from Sheriff Deverin. They were to patrol the market areas and be on the lookout for any trouble, especially during the opening ceremonies, the swallotail release at noon, and the benediction at sundown.

With the orders given, the party monitored the crowd during the opening ceremonies and encountered no issues. Ocirus seemed particularly interested in the announcement of a play that was to take place the following evening. Sapphire, Garrick and Odo patrolled the back alleys while the rest of the group milled about in the crush of people visiting the market stalls and the food vendors.

The swallowtail release came and went without incident as well. Garrick and Sapphire visited the locksmith where Sapphire impressed him with her skill, winning a rather intricate lock in a wager of his lock making skill against her lock picking skills. She also made enough of an impression that he's going to let her test out his new designs to ensure they meet high security standards.

After that, Garrick and Sapphire parted ways. Sapphire made the rounds of the taverns picking up rumors as she went. The children had come up with a new rhyme for playing hopscotch that featured Das Korvut prominently. It spoke of him trouncing others. The people have begun to notice that the sheriff is limping more lately. There's a new challenge down at the Hagfish where if you drink a glass of the aquarium water and keep it down for 5 minutes, you win the bag of silver. There's talk of the Brewery not being as good since one of the brothers died during the Chopper murders. The proprietor of the stables has a collection of goblin ears nailed to the stable wall. She also learned that Ameiko Kaijitsu is a noble, though she's had a falling out with her family.

Garrick ran into an old aquaintance, Niska. They exchanged pleasantries and she tried to calm him a bit about the crowds but it just served to make Garrick even more nervous.

During this time, Ocirus had decided that he absolutely must see the play and dropped quite a bit of coin on choice seats.

Cadmus, Ocirus, and Astra met a Sage at the library who took a keen interest in the purse of old coins and Astra's Breastplate.  It turns out they're relics from the Thessalon Empire and are worth quite a bit of coinage.

The afternoon went by without incident until the closing ceremonies at Sunset.  A band of Goblins invaded the town and began burning and killing anything in their path.  Our party sprang into action and began the grim task of stopping the goblins advance.  Cadmus and Ocirus assisted the citizens who were wounded, Sapphire, Odo, and Astra entered melee with the enemy and Garrick cast an entangle to hold one of the goblins in place. 

Once they were dispatched, the Sheriff asked us to go through town and urge the citizens to head to the safety of the Cathedral while dealing with any goblin threat we encountered.

We ended up killing 11 goblins including a Goblin Bard of all things.  We saved a Mr. Foxglove from a throng of goblins and he offered us a reward at the Rusty Dragon later.

When we got back to the Cathedral, Astra checked on the children while Garrick and Odo inquired if they could be of service in questioning the captured goblins since the Sheriff had been unable to get any information from them.

Garrick used the threat of Odo eating the Goblin captive from the feet up to extract information.

The Goblins were hired by a "Longshanks" with pointy ears and brown hair.  They were hired to sew havoc in the town while he completed a secret mission in the graveyard.  They came over the north wall via a ladder near the cemetary.  When we inspected the cemetary, we found the grave of Father Tobin had been raided.  No body or any articles remained.  Odo was able to pick up the scent of goblins and we followed tracks along with a single set of medium sized tracks to the edge of the water where they disappeared.  Further questioning of the goblin revealed that a smaller group were smuggled into town along with the man who hred them in a wagon.  The goblin was unaware of the means they used to leave.

The Sheriff suggested that we investigate further in the morning as we had wounded to tend to and our casters had expended their supply of spells.