Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rise of the Rune Lords - Session 5

Shaleiloo met us for lunch to deliver a more detailed report on the Goblin situation.
  • Goblins in general:
    • Hate horses and fear them
    • Hate dogs
    • Raid Garbage piles for refuse to make armor
    • Love to sing
    • Very sneaky and good hiders.
    • Crazy! Don't think things through
    • Voracious - A dozen meals a day if well supplied
    • Like fire - pyromaniacs
    • Get stuck easily
    • Believe Writing steals your soul
  • 5 distinct tribes in the area
    • Bird Cruncher - Closest to Sandpoint - Western edge of Devils Plateau
    • Lick Toad - Brine stum marsh. Excellent Swimmers - South
    • 7Toothed Goblins - Shankswood - East. Steal from garbage pile
    • Mosswood - Largest Tribe - Further East
    • Thistletop - Live on island off Nettlewood coast
  • Each Tribe has a champion
    • Big Gugmut - Mosswood - Hobgoblin Mother, Bugbear Father.
    • Korvus - 7 Tooth Vanished after he discovered secret hideout.
    • Vorka - Brine Stump Marsh - Cannibal. Hero to all but Lick Toads.
    • Rip Nugget - Leader of Thistletop
    • Bruthazmus - Bugbear Ranger - Trades with Tribes
After we met with Shaleiloo, we went hunting with the Foxglove who we saved during the Goblin Raid.  He gave us each a horse. Garrick's is a palomino stallion named Susan.  We got the boar. Skinned and removed head per ritual to honor the boars spirit. 

The next morning we learned that Ameiko is missing. She left after getting a letter from Tsuto.  

The letter indicated that he wanted to meet her at the Glass works. We headed there to investigate.  The doors were locked but Sapphire is awesome and picked them with ease.  The place is full of dead workers and Goblins throwing glass all over the place. We found a dead guy in a chair and he had been killed by pouring molten glass over him.  He looked very well protected.  Too bad he was too dead to appreciate it. We dispatched 7 Goblins.  The last one tried to run out yelling "Tsuto! Tsuto!"  Odo dispatched him with extreme predjudice and then batted his head around for a while.  He still has a lot of Kitten in him.

Gained 12gp 6sp 7cp + 10gp from Foxglove.
Odo - 8HP
Garrick - FH and 1 AP