Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rise of the Runelords - Session 3

The next morning, Cadmus and Ociram left to explore the town on their own after the sheriff asked us not to stray too far from town.

Garrick and Sapphire discovered help wanted signs on the message board at the Rusty Dragon and decided to check out two of the jobs.  The first was a need for animal skins posted by the local tanner and the second was for day labor for the street sanitation crews.  Sapphire believed the latter might be a good way to eavesdrop and gather rumors about the town.

In order to honor the animals that Garrick takes for skins to sell to the Tanner, he visited several taverns to arrange deals for their kitchens to use the meat.

Ameiko will take pork poultry deer bear and wild boar.

At the meat market, Garrick and Sapphire met a human male named Chod Bevuk. He claims to have lost a finger in a fight with Chopper, however, Garrick believed he sensed some deception on Chod's part regarding how he lost the finger. Chod had fought the chapel fire and he said it was a very fierce fire. He thought Father Tobyn was a good guy. Tobyn was a priest of Desna. Father Xanthos was an acolyte of Father Tobyn. Father Tobyn had a very beautiful daughter who had celestial blood. She disappeared after the fire. She was believed to a been completely consumed by the fire.  Garrick asked about how Father Tobyn was found after the fire.  Based on Garrick's knowledge of healing, the position that Tobyn's body was found in was more consistent with him being dead before the fire was set.

Lonjiku Kaijitsu's wife committed suicide shortly after Chopper was caught and the chapel burned. Ameiko and her half-brother Tsuto had a fight after their mother died. Both parents are human, however Ameiko's brother is a half elf. After his mother died, his father sent him to the orphanage. Garrick thinks that Tsuto might be the pointy-eared "Longshanks" that hired the Goblins to raid the town last night.  He had means, motive, and opportunity.  Motive being how he was spurned after his mother's death.

Garrick and Sapphire also ran across Cyrdak Brokkus. He offered us free tickets to the play and is wanting to write a ballad about the goblin battle. While we were talking a human male named Jasper arrived. Something passed between them that was like affection. They entered the theater together and Sapphire snuck in after them. Jasper is apparently romantically and secretly involved with Cyrdak.

The theater holds approximately 250 guests. Garrick and Sapphire also met Alashandra of Magnamar. She hopes to play Sapphire in the play Cyrdak is writing.

We were finally able to talk to the Tanner, Ravanky. He is a human male and is interested in rabbit, mink, Wolf, wild boar, and deer pelts.

Garrick purchased two scrolls of cure light wounds and then we went to visit Gorvi. Sapphire and Garrick spent the day working in the streets picking up trash and listening for rumors.