Friday, September 19, 2014

Rise of the Runelords - Session 4

Garrick's lucky day!  As the group was finishing up breakfast at the Rusty Dragon, a salty looking sailor came in to tack up a sign on the Help Wanted board.  Apparently, they had an accident loading a crate of copmy's and now there's 10 or so of the 3 foot long poisonous dinosaurs running loose in town.  Garrick, naturally jumped at the chance to interact with them.  And to top it all off, our reward will be a Deinonychus! What luck! Garrick had been planning a long trip to visit the Mammoth Lords since that was dinosaur country but now he's had a new companion dropped right into his lap.

Not long after we conclude the deal with the Sailor, a woman came running into the Tavern claiming that a goblins were in her house. The group rushed to her aid to find her husband badly injured.  Astra lays hands and the man regains consciousness. 

We easily dispatched the Goblin but were able to revive him for questioning.  He'd been holed up in the house for days since the last Goblin Raid.  Sapphire and Garrick investigated the crawlspace to be sure there wasn't any more goblins hiding there.  Sapphire spotted a compy on the other side of the house and the hunt was on!  

The next morning, after deploying a series of cleverly engineered traps, the group managed to capture all of the missing compy's without incident.  Garrick returned them to Ma'Lady at the docks and received his reward of a Deinonychus named Sue.  Garrick decided that just won't do and names her Kira.

Shaleiloo, an Elf Rogue and town scout has finally returned from her scout of the surrounding forests and agreed to meet with us for lunch at the Rusty Dragon to give her report.
The Sheriff has left for Magnamar to recruit more guards.