Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rise of the RuneLords - Session 6

We entered a small room.  Odo tracks by scent but can't determine a fresh trail. He knocked over a shelf and got coated in purple dye. We found what at first appeared to be an empty safe but Sapphire spotted movement within and we were jumped by a Goblin.  Goblins started coming in from everywhere.  Odo helped dispatch two and Garrick expended the last of the scrolls of Cure Light Wounds.

Goblins were all dealt with.

Proceded to basement where Ociram was attacked by an oriental looking half-elf archer... Turned out to be Tsuto! I KNEW THAT GUY WAS BEHIND THIS!!!!

He's a monk/rogue/rangery dude.  Astra was almost killed but was saved.  We finally took him down.  His journal had drawings of a woman that I believe to be Father Tobyn's daughter, Nualia. Astra located Ameiko after a cursory search.

Tsuto had ambushed Ameiko and tried to get her to join him in some plan to raid Sandpoint.  She recognizes the drawings as Nualia, Father Tobyn's daughter. She is drawn as a succubus in the last drawing.  

Gain 128gp 8cp
Bonus XP: 63