Friday, October 10, 2014

Rise of the RuneLords - Session 8


Odo is no longer sickened.  The area is obviously an ancient prison.  
We found a cell that was opened already and all of the bones showed gnaw marks consistent with Sin Spawn.
Further down a corridor we find a pool circled with skulls and the pools rim is smeared with blood in places.  We hear flapping as we enter the area.  It's a black bat winged fiendish looking thing with tentacles hanging from chin and forehead. It attacked Sapphire and bit her and then poisoned her.  DC 20 heal check to heal her.

Ociram recognizes it as an Varguille.  Extra planar and paralyzes victims and then kisses them to spawn a new one from their head. It screams and we all have to make fort saves.

After killing it, Sapphire notes that the door hasn't been moved for a very long time. On the other side of the door is a set of steps with a landing and another door. Stress fractures around the far door.  We used a rope to open the door and rubble poured out. 

As we left to explore other tunnels, Cadmus heard a creaking of the platform in the Jail room.  When astra opened the door, we see a large Goblinoid with limbs growing from it's sholders and head.  It says Koruvus will slay you all! The it says You have invaded the Lady Erylium's catacombs and for this you must be slain.  His wounds heal quickly.  Must be some kind of weird mutant.  It pukes acid on Astra and Ociram.  After a few more hits, he goes down.  Chopped head off to prevent healing.  Garrick is carrying the head. Why? Because Astra thought it would be a good idea.  Garrick begins to question Astra's judgement.

Expended 5 total uses of wand.

Found a torture room and another room off it with three stone doors.  There's misshapen skeletons in each one.  Ociram found a scroll of Fire Sphere among the rubble in the room.

We begin hearing moaning coming from the other door through the torture chamber.  Stairs extend downward to another door that Astra rudely busted open quickly.

The ceilling of this strangely cold chamber vaults 20 foot overhead. There are 11 5ft wide pits with wooden covers over them. Shuffling sounds with moaning come from withing.  Garrick grew impatient while Sapphire was checking the floor for traps and walked in to see what the lever on the other side of the room does triggering the trap.  Zombies begin to rise from the pits in the floor. After we dispatched them, and after Garrick went down and was healed back up, we found a room with a sphere and walls made of red metal.  There's runes that appear to form on the metal. There's a wand and a scroll and a book and a raven with maggots and a bottle of wine floating in the room. The raven had been bitten on by small teeth.  Ociram knows it's probably a Quasit.  Garrick, Ociram and Cadmus have a great time floating around in the room.  The ladies are too stuck up to have fun. 

Suddenly, there's a fluttering sound behind us and a female Quasit says "How dare you invade my domain!"

Astra says "Oh! Lady Ehryllium, we were seeking thee!"


Plot Twist Card #2 Something Lost
Garrick - 11hp
Odo - 16hp
215 Bonus XP