Saturday, March 26, 2016

Roll20 and the Disabled GM

I'm seriously digging
I'm going to be able to run a game of D&D 5e without having to be sitting at a table for hours on end. I can run it from my recliner or even from the bed if I needed to. Plus it lets me play with friends in Greensboro without them or me having to make the drive to and from Eden.

It's these kinds of tools that I think are helping tabletop RPG's make a comeback. This is an example of technology bringing people together in an innovative way by replacing the dining room table with a computer and/or a tablet.

As for me, by running the game, it gives me a chance to be creative and bring a fantasy world to life. I get to escape this world, where pain and mobility problems keep me almost completely shut in, and enter the world of Faerun to tell an epic story where my friends are the heroes and an evil cult of dragon worshipers are turning violent. All from wherever is the most comfortable for me physically. How great is that?
It's Roll20, yo.